Fall Sewing Plans and FESA

As you know I’m fond of lists. I’ve started to think about a list of sewing and knitting projects I’d like to accomplish between now and the end of the year.   

My focus this fall will be on finishing a couple of UFOs as well as getting to some things that have been on my wish list for a while. For my sewing projects I’ve chosen items that will force me to learn new skills.  In the knitting department, my projects will be kept nice and easy because I have the feeling Mr. Stitch’s sweater will take me forever. Here’s my list of things to make, in no particular order of priority:


  1. Finish Rooibos dress – enough said
  2. A work appropriate blouse – the Violet blouse or perhaps a long sleeved Sorbetto.
  3. Mabou Quilt – This UFO has been in the works for over a year.  It’s time to just get it done, and what better than a cozy quilt for fall weather?
  4. A Tunic – I have the feeling that the Portfolio Tunic by Sew Lisette may be both comfy and flattering.
  5. A wool or corduroy skirt – Sew Lisette’s Market skirt and Colette’s Beignet skirt are both candidates.
  6. A pair of pants – It’s ‘back to school’ for me!  I’ve signed up for a sewing class that will focus on pant sewing techniques over an eight week period this fall.
  7. Christmas presents – Each year I try to hand make my Christmas presents.

Portfolio Tunic [image source]


  1. Smokin’– Hopefully Mr. Stitch’s sweater will be finished before the holidays.
  2. Gaptastic Cowl – I saw this pattern on Tasia’s blog earlier this year and immediately thought of some hot pink yarn I’ve got in my stash… my obsession with hot pink continues.
  3. Red Beret – Speaking of obsessions I’ll be making this hat again, this time in red. 
  4. A cardigan pour moi – pattern to be determined and your suggestions are welcomed.

Gaptastic Cowl [image source]

I want to make a greater effort to avoid mindless consumerism in my life.  I already own the patterns for each of the items listed above and the fabrics and yarns will all come from my stash so there should be no reason to shop for more – stash busting is the new trend chez Stitch Parade.

Partial view of the stash, not including yarn and patterns

On a final note, I’ll be participating on the Fall Essentials Sew Along, brought to you by the same three lovely ladies who organized the second SESA. This means that in addition to reporting on my fall progress through this blog I’ll also be posting photos on the FESA flickr pool.  Hop over to take a look and while you’re at it, join us!

Are you guys as list crazy as I am or do you prefer to make things as the mood strikes?

10 thoughts on “Fall Sewing Plans and FESA

  1. I too am list crazy. I obsess more about the planning and shopping than the actual stitching and knitting! Your list seems ambitious but doable. Get started on your hubbie’s sweater first though so he gets his long awaited wardrobe addition :)

  2. Ooh, a pant sewing class?!?! Can’t wait to see what you learn!!

    I love making lists, but I very seldom stick to them. Something new always grabs my attention and I immediately launch into that! That said, I don’t really have UFO’s– I force myself to finish one thing before I start another– but I have a lot of un-started projects that I gathered materials for and then just didn’t do.

    Yikes– I really should start working on Christmas gifts! I’m already way, way behind on new baby gifts (three new babies this summer and not a gift to one of them yet!). I just gotta get through the bridesmaid dress situation and then I should start brainstorming!

  3. I’m definitely a list-maker. Usually an over-ambitious one, though I did get all but two of my must-have items from the SESA done (and I’m carrying one over into the fall that is now about half-finished.)

    Looks like you’ve got some good ideas in the works. And I’m doing FESA too, so I’ll definitely be able to keep an eye on what you come up with!

  4. What a lovely stash! :) I like lists (and desperately need them sometimes, to get anything done!) but my sewing lists are more like suggestions or ideas, where I spontaneously pick whichever item I want to make at that time…

  5. A long sleeved Sorbetto? I’m so interested to see that! Do that, do that!

    I have to admit to being jealous of the sewing classes you are able to take. I ought to look for something in my area.

    And I ought to make my own list . . .

  6. It’s That time, the end of one season and the beginning of the next so it’s logical to make plans. I like seeing what other sewers are thinking of making too. I’ve got the portfolio dress or tunic in my next mini plan. I need to expand my plans, like you, to make sure I manage my time to include christmas sewing too. Love your stash picture!!

  7. Hi! Yes I love lists :) but only sometimes, and half of the times I totally ignore whatever I included in it, and do all sort of ‘other things’, but it helps a lot as motivation either way. I guess.

  8. Jeri – I get like that about planning and shopping sometimes too. In fact, I’m feeling like that right now and there’s not much going on in terms of sewing at the moment!

    Ginger – I just found out that the pants class won’t be covering fitting. Instead it will be about techniques like welt pockets, etc. I’m a bit disappointed but I’ll let you now how it goes.

    Lindsay – will you work on these two over the fall months? I bet they turn out super cute.

    Becky _ I hear you about being over-ambitious. Looking forward to seeing your fall creations on the FESA pool.

    Alessa – I love the mood board you posted on your blog – all those purples look great. I would have dome something similar but can’t figure out how to do it… I’m technologically challenged!

    Gail – We’ll see about that long sleeved Sorbetto. I have an idea for a Frankenpattern for that one. There must be some good sewing studios in Chicago, no?

    Silvia – You should definitely join FESA. I enjoyed seeing all your creations over the summer (which led me to your wonderful blog!). I’m happy to report the cowl is already underway… finished object coming up soon.

    Scruffybadger – I thing that tunic will look great on you. Will you share your plans with us on your blog?

    Cristina – I just laughed because even though I made a list and posted it here, I have the week off work right now and you know how many things from the list I’ve done so far? None! I’m feeling very lazy and distracted… it’s almost like I work better when I have pressure to finish. Nos vemos el jueves!

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