You may recall that in the spirit of stash busting I casted on for a pair of socks using partial skeins of Koigu sock weight yarn. To be honest, compared to my fabric stash I don’t have much of a yarn stash at all but I got it into my head that I wanted to combine my partial skeins to make a crazy pair of socks.

Hand knit socks

These didn’t turn out as mismatched as I thought they would after all. As you can see, I used the orange colour for the cuff, heel and tip, used the second skein for the leg portion and the third skein for the feet. Maybe this has to do with the fact that it’s variegated yarn but I think the difference in colour between the leg and the foot portion is obvious, but not overly so. I was joking with Mr. Stitch that the top portion makes me feel like cloud coverage suddenly moved in to the area while the feet portion screams “sunny day” to me.

Socks collage - front and back

This yarn was originally purchased to make baby booties when I first started knitting and all my friends were having kids. I always thought it was sock yarn but when I read the label a couple of weeks ago I discovered that (a) this yarn is 100% merino, meaning the socks will have none of the elasticity I like in a nylon/wool blend socks yarn, and (b) the instructions call for [insert gasp] hand-washing! Let me just say right now that I will most definitely not be hand washing these. My intention is to throw them in the wash like I do all my other hand knit socks. If they come out distorted and lame, so be it. In the meantime today is the first time I’ve worn them and I’m walking around happily in the notion that my feet are clad in sunny day hues.

Socks collage - tips

10 thoughts on “Mismatched

  1. Very nice socks. I hope to see those on our spinning night. I love having show and tell, even if there are only two people showing and telling.

    I participated a knitting class on Sunday, knitting two socks at a time on one needle. I will show you my sample on Tuesday. See you then.

    • I may just wear them tonight! I saw that class listed at Unwind and wanted to join it but we were away this weekend so the date didn’t work for me. I look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Cute socks! They actually kinda remind me of an impressionist landscape painting, with the colourful greenish flower meadows below and the cloudy sunset sky above. Pretty! Hope the washing works out (I chucked a pair of Alpaca wool socks into the 40°C washing machine last week and they shrunk up a little, but after a bit of stretching they still fit my feet…).

    • Now that you mention it, you are so right about the “impressionist” colours on them. They are in the wash right now so we’ll see what happens to then in an hour or so…

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