New Camera and a Patchwork Strap Cover

Back in the day I took photos using a 35 mm film SLR camera.  I absolutely loved the images I was able to capture by adjusting shutter speed and aperture. Then digital cameras became the norm, we bought a digital point and shoot camera and I packed the SLR away to permanent storage.  Our point and shoot is a good little camera but I’ve always missed the quality of the shots I was able to get with my old SLR.  So this past weekend Mr. Stitch and I came home with a fancy new digital SLR camera –  a Nikon D90.  It seems like a lot more camera that the old 35mm I had and it will take me a while to figure out all the controls, but I can already tell that this baby is the bomb. 

I was thinking of making a strap cover for our new camera and, as luck would have it, last week Lindsay posted a comment in Ginger’s blog with a link to a camera strap cover tutorial that includes a pocket for the lense cover.  Lindsay subsequently published a post with her super cute completed strap cover; this was just the inspiration I needed to make my own.  I went shopping in my fabric scraps and created a little patchwork strap cover:

Blue side


Red side

 I made two pockets: one for the lense cover and the other one is there in case I need it… one never knows when it may come in handy. Also, it was great using scraps – bits of memories from projects past.  I can’t wait to play with our new baby.

The lense cover fits nice and snug in the pocket


Speaking of new babies, my brother and his wife has their baby last Friday – a scrumptious boy and my first nephew. I better get cracking with that robot quilt on my summer sewing list – I don’t want to gain a reputation for being a bad aunt!

10 thoughts on “New Camera and a Patchwork Strap Cover

  1. I love the secret lens cap pocket – what a fantastic idea. And beautiful patches.

    Thanks so much for the Jamie Christina link that you left on my blog too (obviously I cracked and bought the pattern before deciding on fabric).

    Florence x

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