Top Dollar

I’m not going to lie to you: I love my Dolman-Sleeved Top. So much so that this weekend I earmarked a lovely fuchsia tencel knit from the stash for my second version. 

Pretty fabric!

There will be no modifications to this pattern so I figured if I ran the fabric trough the washer and dryer in the morning, I could have a new top by the afternoon.  And then I spotted this:

Not so pretty…

How on earth did I get these two little holes in my fabric? At first I thought maybe it got caught somewhere and ripped slightly.  And then I spotted these ones:

Definitely horrific!

The horror!  I may have hyperventilated slightly, thinking that I had moths and would have to undertake a major clean up of both fabric and yarn stash but a good look revealed that there are no moths in this place. Phew! So what then?

Upon close inspection of the fabric I noticed that these tiny holes run parallel to the selvage edges, about 5” away from each edge, at pretty consistent intervals.  This leads me to believe that it’s a factory problem.  Perhaps the machine on which the fabric was knitted had a loose pokey something or other that created the holes.  The point is that I’m losing close to 10” of fabric so that my 60” wide fabric is now 50” wide.  The point is also that this particular cut of fabric was not cheap.  I paid good money at a store on Queen Street in Toronto.  I wish I could remember the name but sadly I don’t. They carry all sorts of lovely bamboo and tencel fabrics in the nicest colours.  For the longest time I refused to buy from them because of the astronomical prices but before I left Toronto I decided to treat myself and as it turns out I should have refrained because they sold me a defective product… at top dollar!  I’m not too happy about this, but I shall move on. And despite the fact that I have a reduced amount of fabric to play with I shall make my second version of the Dolman-Sleeved Top from this fabric.  Let’s just hope the holes don’t keep appearing over time. Stay tuned…

15 thoughts on “Top Dollar

  1. That is so infuriating. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect goods to fit for purpose, whether you’re paying a lot of money or not.
    I’m sure you’ll have a Tim Gunn moment and “make this work”. You must, because this colour is just lovely.

  2. Oh no! And the color is so perfect for you too! I hope you are able to finish the top and not have further problems with it.

    I’ve had this on certain cuts of knit too, and I have to agree: it’s likely a factory problem. I say this because I’ve sometimes noticed the holes even before I wash the fabric. And like yours, they’ve always been near the edge. Of course, as you know, I rarely pay top dollar for anything, LOL! So I always assumed it was because of my cheap materials. Interesting to learn that it may not be.

    • You should have seen me when I found the holes – I was so upset! I’m over it now, but goes to show that I should just stick to inexpensive fabric… if only I could find any of it in these parts!

  3. I’d be really annoyed too! That shade will look great on you! I’m looking forward to seeing the top. Pity you can’t take it back to get some extra :(

    • I was tempted to keep the fabric and march right back into the store… but that would have to wait until June of next year when I’m back in Toronto. The effect would not be the same at that point. I’m certainly going to be a bit more cautious from now on!

  4. O, I’d have been like you at the thought of moths Andrea!! Our worst nightmare!! But to be ripped off is not nice, and I just hope it doesn’t hold you back as that is an awesome colour and I can only imagine the quality….

  5. Oh I know how you feel!! I get those little holes in lots of my RTW knitwear, and I was convinced and paranoid I had invisible bugs until I read an article about cheap textiles & how they disintegrate sometimes even before the first wash!!! Frustrating – especially as you were charged top dollar for it :( Hopefully some creative layout will save the day! :)

    • Ever since I started sewing I’ve become a fabric snob and that’s what holds me back from buying RTW. I guess expensive fabric doesn’t always equal quality – lesson learned!

      • Actually, even though it’s only been a year, I haven’t bought any RTW since I started sewing either – except bras lol – that’s still on my list of things to learn ^_^

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