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For close to two years an idea for a quilt using all my scraps of quilting cotton has been floating around in my head. I knew I wanted a rainbow theme against a pure white background which may not be the most practical thing but it sure makes all those bits of colour pop, doesn’t it? I also knew that if I didn’t make this quilt top before the end of May then it would never come to be because I was not about to transport all my scraps back across the country when we move again in a couple of months. It was now or never! So back in January I went a far as cutting up all my bits of scrap fabric and designated Fridays as quilt days chez Stitch Parade.  Well, Quilt Fridays were a great success and a sure way to keep me focused. I’m happy to report that the quilt top and back are now finished.

Quilt front - nice and tidy

Quilt top – folded over a fence, nice and tidy

I wanted this quilt  be a true use of scraps and solid background fabric already on hand.  Initially I thought I could make the back one large pixelated rainbow patchwork but I ran out of scraps and in order to match the size of the quilt front I ended up having to add the solid bits around the rainbow panel.  I started with white and when I ran out of white I moved to gray.  When I ran out of gray I had to move on to the chevron print at the bottom and then added a tiny black and gray hounds tooth print at the top. The result is this mismatched look and I can’t quite figure out if it’s more reflective of a psychedelic dream or a schizophrenic nightmare.  Not sure how much I like it, but the fact that I made this entirely from stashed fabric makes me very pleased.

Quilt back - psychedelic dream or schizophrenic nightmare?

Quilt back – psychedelic dream or schizophrenic nightmare?

The Details:

  • Pattern: Entirely improvised, although I got my inspiration from this quilt by Ashley from Film in the Fridge.
  • Fabric: Every single little scrap, as well as the solid pieces came from the stash.  Not including the colourful scraps I used 7.5 metres of quilting cotton on this bad boy.
  • Time in the stash: I began collecting the colourful scraps when I started sewing back in 2008.  The background pieces were added to the stash between 24 and 6 months ago.
  • Stashbusting Tally: Committed to using 15 pieces of stashed fabric this year; 11 used to date; 4 left to go. This one was a true stash buster!

I asked Mr. Stitch to help me with the photos down at the beach, but this quilt top ended up being so large that Mr. Stitch, in all his six feet tall glory, could not hold it up from the floor and his arm span was not wide enough to hold it fully open.  The top measures 81″ x 88″ and the back is slightly larger so I ended up draping it over a fence. These are the largest quilt top and back I’ve ever made and I have the feeling it will be a royal pain to make a sandwich and quilt on my Janome so I may be persuaded to send it off to a long arm quilter once we’re back in Ontario. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I know patchwork is not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m curious to know if you guys are into it or if you find it kitschy/uncool.  Do tell!


12 thoughts on “Quilt Fridays

  1. This is just stunning. I’m now feeling very tardy about the quilt top that is still an unfinished quilt 3 years after starting it! And the hexi quilt that’s half done! But I digress…I love your use of colour and the contrast against the white. It’s fabulous! And enormous. I’d definitely be sending this off to be quilted. It’s going to be gloriousl when it’s all pulled together. I salute you!

    • It is definitely enormous! I must confess that I usually have a hard time motivating myself to finish quilts. Even though they are a lot more straightforward than garments, they are not as much fun so they usually languish in the UFO bin for months. The only reason the patchwork on this one got done so fast is because I had the moving deadline to meet. I bet if you set aside specific quilting time you too can finish your long forgotten quilts in a jiffy!

  2. Love it! I didn’t realize it was so enormous! If this were mine, there’s no way I would try to quilt it on my home machine. I’ll be interested to see how you deal with the quilting and what style you quilt it in.

    • Well, I didn’t realize how enormous it was until I was done the top and at that point there was no going back. I’m leaning heavily towards having it quilted by a pro.

    • Thanks Morgan! I was wondering about them myself because I had to really try and focus in order to finish the patchwork. Now I’m glad I did!

    • Pero no esta terminada! Solo son las telas para la parte de atras y de adelante Falta poner una capa de acolchadito entre las dos telas, coser lineas por todas partes entre las tres capas, y luego hacer el borde. Falta bastante!

  3. I love it Andrea! I like the bright color. The front is fantastic! And the back is a great challenge that you managed very well…I would have panicked without enough fabric to finish it. I would love to make a quilt one day…but it feels suck a huge project!

    • Thanks, Silvia. The back is a bit more disorganized than I would have liked, but such is life. You should totally try quilting and it doesn’t have to be a huge quilt either – think about a little one to snuggle under when watching TV.

  4. I’m sitting on the fence about quilts. The straight lines, roter cutter, geometry really appeal to my inner maths geek but I just don’t think a quilt matches the way I’ve styled my house. There’s the odd thoroughly modern, minimalist quilt that I see on the internet that I think, yeah that’s really nice and could work on my bed/sofa/chair but I couldn’t pull it off if I tried.

    • If you think you can’t pull it off because of skills, I think you should really try it because it’s actually quite simple and there are a ton of internet resources to help you along. If you think you can’t pull it off because the style does not match your home decor, then I hear you 100%! I always thought quilts were too cutesy and not me at all. Most of the quilts I’ve made have been gifts and the few I’ve kept (only two!) belong to my husband who loves curling up under one when watching TV. Thanks for visiting!

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