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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve read a few blog posts that talked about fall sewing plans.  My main goal over the next few months is a stash busting exercise of epic proportions. So, instead of coming up with a detailed sewing plan I’m just going to stare the stash in the face and make garments on a whim based on the fabric and patterns I have on hand and on my mood on any given day. A less strict approach that works just fine with my sabbatical motto: I’m officially taking it easy! On that note, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that my lifestyle these days favours a very casual wardrobe and a large portion of my days is spent being domestic. This is the perfect recipe to join Karen’s (of Did you make that?) Apronalong and Lauren’s (of Lladybird) Thurlow Sew-Along.


I don’t usually wear an apron but I think I’ve mentioned that I’m doing lots of baking these days and in my clumsiness I get flour on my clothes on a  regular basis so an apron will be a welcomed addition. Karen is using a vintage 1950s pattern (Butterick 4087) for the Apronalong. It’s a very pretty pattern but a bit too girlie for me. Instead I’ll make a simple reversible apron based on a Lotta Jansdotter pattern from her book Simple Sewing.  I’ll probably add some trim and embellishments but have not figured out what exactly those will be.  And of course, I’ll be adding some pockets.

I’m using a medium weight denim on one side of the reversible apron and this fun kitchen themed quilting cotton on the other.

I’ve wanted to make trousers for a while now.  I even went as far as joining a class in Toronto last fall that ended up being a total disaster.  The class focused on the mechanics of putting the trousers together (something I could have done, and did, on my own) but it never touched on fit issues which is what I wanted to get out of the class in the first place.   I’m planning on using this plum coloured thin wale corduroy for my Thurlows.  For the inside trims I’m going with a coordinating quilting cotton pictured below.

Fabric for my Thurlow trousers

You’ll have to trust me when I tell you that the colours on these fabrics are rich and vibrant – the light over here has gone down hill with all the rain we’re getting, and so has the quality of my photos. The Thurlow sew-along doesn’t officially start until October 29th so over the next week I’ll be working on a muslin.  Like most people, I have a very hard time finding trousers that fit so I’ll be soliciting your help and relying on your expertise to deal with fit issues – hope that’s okay!

Are you guys participating in any sewalongs? Do you have a fall sewing plan in place or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

12 thoughts on “Sewing Along

  1. I wear an apron every. time. I. cook. The kind that covers above the waist as well as below! What I really want is an old-fashioned housecoat like my grandma used to wear!

    I have a fall sewing plan. I’m ignoring it :-)

    • I just laughed out loud about your treatment of your sewing plan :) As for the apron, that’s the kind I’m making (not the housecoat kind, but the full size one), and boy do I ever need one, like, immediately.

  2. You are not alone! I’m clearing out the stash (although I do keep sneaking the odd purchase in) and plan to use existing patterns and fabric until all the fabric is gone. The adjustment from “business” to “home” appropriate clothes is a transition that I’m still trying to work out. I’m sure we’ll get there. One thing I do know is that an apron is a must! 😉

    • Funny how new fabrics just keep sneaking into the stash despite our best efforts to de-stash, eh? As for the apron, I haven’t got a clue how I’ve gone this far without one! Evie, thanks for visiting.

  3. I love the apron fabric and the Thurlow fabric choices. Have a fab time sewing down your stash. I am trying to do the same but I do actually have a plan. :-)

    • You know, I’m a chronic planner. In fact, I often spend more time panning that actually doing so not having a sewing plan is a bit uncharacteristic, but feels very liberating!

  4. I love your kitchen-themed fabric! Can’t wait to see the apron. After my Peony sew-along it will be time for a new muslin…I am attending a course in a few weeks where I will hopefully manage to fix all my sleeve issues! Then I’d like to tackle trousers again!

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