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One of the good things about having participated in the craft fairs over the holidays is that I got to meet quite a few new people.  This was especially great because because as a new comer to the area I’m all about making new friends in town.  One of the people I met is quite a skilled spinner.  She’s also a long time student of the Spanish language who has not been able to practice her conversation skills often because there aren’t that many Spanish speakers on the Coast.

Drop Spindle close up

At the fair we got chatting about my handmade bags and she picked up on my accent (I may not have told you this before, but I grew up in South America and have a slight accent that most people find hard to place because it’s not stereo-typically Hispanic) so we immediately switched to speaking in Spanish. It also came up that I knit and she spins and weaves.  One thing led to the next and we decided to exchange spinning lessons (from her) for Spanish conversation time (from me).

You spin me 'round

You spin me ’round

I’ve wanted to learn how to spin for a while. A few years ago I tried a drop spindle but at the time I simply did not have the patience for it.  I thought my new friend would teach me to spin on her wheel but the first time we met she explained that, in her opinion, it’s always better to start with the drop spindle.  I armed myself with patience and decided to give it a go again.  Surprisingly, this time around I seem to be getting the hang of it.  The wheel is where I eventually want to land, but as they say, baby steps.  Off I go to meet my new friend for some spinning in Spanish, or as one would say in my mother tongue, “hilando en español”.

Are any of you spinners?  Have you ever traded lessons in a particular skill with someone else?  

21 thoughts on “Spinning in Spanish

  1. I learned to spin on a wheel, but I really prefer the drop spindle, for one thing it is so portable. Can’t wait to see what you make with it. And no i have never traded skills, but I think it is an excellent idea!

    • I must confess I’m itching to try a wheel. I’m also hoping that I get good enough so that I can spin the fiber harvested form my in-laws’ pet alpacas this summer – wouldn’t that be fun?

  2. This sounds like a great deal! I think she’s right about starting to learn to spin on a spindle, it’s easier to understand the process. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to stick with your spindle, you’ll probably enjoy spinning on a wheel very soon!

  3. Well Andrea, I feel the same way. It is a great way to exchange skills and get to know someone. I enjoy the time we spend together. And I think your spinning is great. It can only get better. And yes, you will need to spend some time on my wheel. You can do that at any time, but my fear is you might get discouraged. It is good to start with drafting first, become comfortable with it and then learn to coordinate that with treadling on the wheel. See you on Monday, I hope

    • I still have to get through all that pink roving on the drop spindle so the wheel will have o wait, right? Thanks so much for your time Lynda, and yes, I will see you on Monday!

  4. No Andrea, the wheel won’t have to wait. You will need to get used to it. I suggest you sit and treadle while we chat for a bit to help you become accustomed to the action. Then we add the spinning part. It doesn’t matter if you finish your fibre on the wheel. The only problem is, the wheel is at my house. So you won’t be able to practice every day unless you come over every day. Which is fine with me. So we will talk about the wheel Monday. See you then.

  5. Hola Andrea
    Yo soy Colombiana pero vivo en los estados unidos. Apenas estoy encontrando tu bog. Yo tambien aprendi a hilar hace poquito. Todavia no le cojo el tiro a todo pero se me hace relajante.

    • Hola Leila, en este momento me voy a investigar tu blog. Justo ayer tuve sesión de hilado y ya le voy agarrando el truco pero aun me falta aprender mucho. Yo también lo encuentro muy relajante. Mil gracias por la visita!

  6. Hola Andrea, no te acuerdo que te flata aprender mucho. Tu hace sesión de hilado muy bien. No sé la palabra correcta, pero espero que me intiende la idea.

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