SSS ’11 – Days 7 through 14

I’ve been off work all week.  I had a week’s worth of vacation that would’ve been lost if I didn’t take it by the end of the month.  Because I didn’t have any plans to travel this is officially a “staycation”.  And you know what?  I’m being lazy! Normally I’m trying to sneak sewing time whenever I get a moment, but so far this week I have not turned on my machine.   Not once. Since I have no finished objects to show you, here’s a round-up of my Self-Stitched-September adventures over the past few days.

Day 7

Self-stitched item: My Ginger skirt (which I hardly ever wear because I feel the waistband sits a bit too high on me) along with a RTW blouse from Banana Republic.  I’m not loving my Day 7 outfit. I thought the blouse would pick up the green from the skirt’s embroidered bottom, but the shade is a bit too pale to look good.  Funny how photos can point to things one would not otherwise notice.

Day 8

Self-stitched item: My Sencha blouse, worn to work, along with a RTW suit from Banana Republic.  The blouse was initially tucked in at work but came un-tucked by the end of the day.

Day 9

Self-stitched items: That’s right, I doubled it up! I’m wearing the same refashioned skirt you saw on day 6 plus my embellished t-shit. You can’t tell from the photos but my toenails match my t-shirt.

Days 10 and 11

Day 10


Day 11

On days 10 and 11 I participated for the third year in a row in The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, a 60 km walk over two days along the streets of Toronto.  I’ve never made a work-out outfit, nor do I really want to (I have the feeling that working with spandex would be a nightmare).  After walking 30 km each day all I wanted to do was take a hot shower and get into my pajamas.  These are Amy Butler’s “Lounge Pants” from her “In Stitches” book – the most comfy pjs you’ll ever own.  Not very flattering or particularly good photos, but how do you like my fake tattoo?

 Day 12

On day 12 I ran some errands.  My self stitched item is my Birdie Sling made with quilting cotton from Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 collection.  This bag is so roomy and fits so much stuff that it can get dangerously heavy!

Day 13

On day 13 the temperature went down a bit so I wore RTW jeans, ballet flats an my refashioned Sorbetto (which I’ve ended up wearing a lot). Worn to hang around the house.  There’s been a lot of hanging around happening over here.

Day 14

Self-stitched item: Anna Maria Horner’s Roundabout Blouse pattern made with one of her voiles (pre-blog). I don’t wear it often because I think it makes me look a bit pregnant. The weather is changing in Toronto with chilly mornings and warm afternoons so I was pondering if it was alright to wear shorts to take my nephew out for a walk.  I’m glad I did because we had a gorgeous day and I’m all about prolonging summer. Never mind that rule about not wearing whites after labour day.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I get inspired to make something new over the next couple of days.  Or maybe I’ll just embrace the laziness, after all it’s back to work next week. 

How is your September going so far?  What are you working on?

6 thoughts on “SSS ’11 – Days 7 through 14

  1. The roundabout blouse looks nice! I don’t think you look pregnant in it, but I know I have that feeling sometimes with some garments on myself.
    My next project? I’ll be waiting for the Clover pattern (Colette) in the mail. I’m really excited about making my own pants.
    Thanks for the nice comment on the Ginger skirt! Oh, and I really like your outfit on day 13.

    • We’re our worst critics, right? You are brave for attempting Clover. I like the look of those pants but know hat they won’t look good on me at all. My shape lends itself more to boot cut pants than to cigarette or skinnies, which is too bad because I like them. I’ll keep my eyes out for your version of Clover.

  2. I absolutely love the outfit in the Day 7 pic – it looks great! The Ginger skirt is on my list of things to make for fall as well. Did you embroider all along the bottom of the skirt? Or is that just the fabric? It looks beautiful!

    • Thanks, Juli. The fabric is lightweight denim with a machine embroidered border which was not done by me (sadly!) but by the manufacturer. Since purchasing this fabric I have seen quite a few embroidered bottom denim fabrics at the local fabric stores. You should try the Ginger – it’s such a fast and rewarding pattern.

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