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You guys, last Thursday was such a fun day: I got to meet Amanda from Symon Sez!  After being randomly paired up for the Sew Very Christmas Swap, Amanda and I discovered that we both live a short distance away from Vancouver so we decided to meet in person. In order to get to Vancouver I have to hop on a ferry for 45 minutes and then drive into the city for another half hour.  Much to my chagrin, when I got to the ferry terminal on Thursday morning I discovered the ferry was an hour late!  This little delay set me an hour and a half behind schedule.  Thank heavens Amanda happens to be super nice and very patient (and I should add, stylish!) – she was still smiling by the time I rolled in to our meeting spot, and what better place to meet than at a fabric shop.

This is one massive fabric store in Vancouver

This is one massive fabric store in Vancouver

Dressew’s selection of fabric is pretty comprehensive plus they house a massive amount of notions in the lower floor – a feast for any sewist.  I was particularly impressed by their large selection of knits. Our little excursion saw Amanda come away with the nicest shade of black/grey cotton knit that she’ll turn into a dress. Rumour has it she has already cut it and is ready to sew.  I feasted on the buttons and zippers section of the store, and stash-busting or not, also came away with two cuts of stretch twill to try my hand at some Clovers.  I know, I know… but it could not be helped – I want to make trousers this year and had nothing in my stash that would be suitable for that pattern. Plus remember the caveats on my last post.

There's Amanda to the left, and that's Dressew's main floor

There’s Amanda to the left, and that’s Dressew’s main floor

After fabric shopping and working up an appetite we made our way to a restaurant were we talked and talked and talked.  Had I not needed to catch a specific ferry I could have stayed with Amanda chatting away the entire afternoon. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out again at least once more before Mr. Stitch and I start making our way back East.  Thanks for coming to meet me Amanda – I hope we’ll get to hang out again soon!


Hello, we just shopped for some great fabric!

11 thoughts on “Symon Sez

    • Well, that remains to be seen Ginger. Skinny trousers are not the best look on me and I have a hard time fitting RTW, but one has to get started somewhere and the Clovers look like a simple enough pattern… wish me luck!

  1. Great fun meeting up, and with such temptation I think you did well to only come away with what you did! No point rules being so rigid they prevent possibility, I think….and anyway yours allow for such needs :)
    Good luck with them clovers!!

  2. The store is fab! And it’s so cool you got to meet Amanda. Looks like you had a great time. Kudos for only buying so little. When I go to a far away place I have a tendency to stock up beyond my real need! Can’t wait to see your trousers. Another trouser pattern option could be Thurlow’s or the Vogue sister pattern (if you like the more bootcut look)

    • Well, I have the Thurlow pattern in my stash but I figured I should start with the Clovers because they look a bit easier… but maybe I’m totally wrong! Only time will tell.

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