Warm-tastic Cowl to Celebrate Colour

I lied to you on my last post: I wasn’t completely lazy last week.  It’s true that I didn’t turn on my sewing machine at all during my “staycation” but I did manage quite a bit of knitting.  In fact, I finished an item from my list of things to do, and it’s warm-tastic!

It's a cowl... and it's warm!

This is Jen Geigley’s Gap-tastic cowl pattern available as a free Ravelry download.  The pattern calls for 131 stitched casted on 9mm needles. Since I wanted my stitches to be tighter I used 8mm needles and casted on 151 stitches to achieve the same length. I knitted this baby using Malabrigo Chunky, a yarn produced in Uruguay which is a pleasure to knit with.  The colour is called “Fucsia”, which of course means fuchsia in Spanish.  

Full length view

This is a super easy knit, and I just love the texture and definition of those chunky stitches but I must confess I also found the knitting a bit boring as there’s nothing too exciting about knitting seed stitch in the round. However the colour is so bright that it was a welcomed break from working on Mr. Stitch’s sweater.   Funny enough the brightness of the colour also made me second guess myself: when I was half way through the pattern I started doubting that I would wear such a brightly coloured cowl, but I’ve decided that this will be an inspiring and warm accessory to brighten up drab fall and winter days. In fact, I have decided to enter it on Stitched in Color’s contest Celebrate Color.  If you want to learn more about this contest and would also like to take part, hop over to this blog post to learn more.  

Half wrapped around my neck

The best part of this cowl is how warm and cozy it is.  I have three words for the upcoming winter: bring.it.on!  I may not be mentally ready for it, but thanks to my Warm-tastic cowl I’m definitely prepared.

Nice and warm around my neck

On a somewhat related topic, Gail and I were recently talking about our knitting preferences.  Gail often has more than one project of the go to keep things interesting but I like to work through my projects in order for fear that I’ll end up with a million UFOs.  This is one of the few times that I’ve worked on two projects at the same time and I actually enjoyed it.  Maybe it felt manageable because one was a rather large sweater and the other was a simple cowl.  Truth is I’m not sure I would enjoy having two sweaters going on at the same time.

What about you; are you a one project at a time kind of person or do you have a multitude on the go at the same time?  If you prefer the latter, is it difficult to turn your focus to finishing projects?

Look at those chunky stitches

11 thoughts on “Warm-tastic Cowl to Celebrate Colour

  1. I love your cowl! Awesome color, especially with your hair! That is a perfect project for working on while watching a movie or even reading!

    Back to one of my (many)projects!

  2. Your cowl is so pretty! I think it’s a great punch of color to have on in drab winter!

    I am a “2 or 3 but no more” projects at at time person. Actually, I have 3 going right now and it’s driving me crazy that I don’t have one done. Because like you, I am afraid of falling prey to UFO’s.

  3. Hmm, I usually work on just one project at a time so I have to finish before I move on to the next thing that catches my eye! But sometimes I will put something on hold if I need to make a quick gift or something like that. Especially in the case of something like a large sweater, I usually try not to work on anything else so I say motivated to keep going!

  4. I love the cowl double wrapped around your neck. And I am more of a one project at a time – veering into 2 projects. I might be planning one while making another. And I will knit one thing and sew another – I see them as different crafts, so they don’t add together. I worry about unfinished objects too.

  5. Awesome cowl! I love the chunky stitches and the color is just awesome! I’m sure you’ll love it on those drab winter days!

    I usually work on more than one piece when sewing, although I fear perpetual UFOs, too… I think it’s ok to have a more complicated and a simpler project, so you can give the more complicated ones your full concentration and turn to the simple ones for a bit of distraction… :)

  6. I’m definitely a one-project-at-a-time girl when it comes to my sewing, but I seem to be going in the opposite direction with knitting. At least recently–I’ve got about 3 going right now. (It was 2 until last night, but I needed something absolutely mindless to do while I had a Project Runway marathon with a friend.) They’ve all been small projects so far, so that might change once the sweater knitalong I’m signed up for really gets moving past the swatching stage.

  7. Thanks so much for all your comments. I can’t say I’m looking forward to winter but I’m definitely looking forward to wearing this cowl.

    I should clarify that, like K-Line, I also think knitting and sewing are two separate and distinct crafts so I often allow myself one project in each of these two crafts at a time.

  8. Lovely color! I’m in the process of making this cowl now for my sister that knits very complicated items so I hope she likes this one . . . I think she will. I’m a many project person across many creative avenues so it keeps me on my toes!! It’s my 55+ hr a week career that gets in the way!

    • Oh, your sister will love this! It’s simple but so cozy and the moss stitch keeps it interesting. I used to have one of those 60+ hours a week jobs, made a switch last year and haven’t looked back. I think those types of hours only work if you love what you do and what I love is sewing and knitting!

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