Decorate Your Car With A Car Badge Today

Decorate Your Car With A Car Badge Today

A car badge is a small piece of metal or plastic having designs on it, indicating a company’s logo or something that a consumer wishes to display, that makes a car unique and helps to identify it. It is very eye-catching in nature and is sure to make a buzz when you move around the city. These car badges are made up of many materials such as aluminum, rubber, and other metals. These badges come in many types such as a company logo badge, alphabet badge, car model badge, or random bird badge.

In this article, the types and the materials with which they are made have been discussed thoroughly.

Types Of Car Badges

In this section, a look into various types of car badges has been provided.

1. Company Logo Badge

A company logo badge is a badge that has the company’s logo on it. This logo is used to identify and recognize a particular company. These badges are used for a company’s branding and marketing in order to make consumers realize what value that logo holds for a particular company.

2. Alphabet Badge

An alphabet badge is a type of badge which depicts a particular alphabet in general. These badges are used both individually or in groups. A consumer may want his initials to be displayed on his car for that he either buys badges that have his initials or places an order to make one of its own.

3. Car Model Badge

A car model badge is a badge that has the model number or symbol of that specific model printed over it. It helps to identify a particular model even from a distance just by looking at its badge. These types of badges are typically used by showrooms to identify the of car.

4. Random Bird Badge

A random bird badge is a type of badge that has images of random birds like seagulls, eagles, etc printed over them. These badges are generally custom-made as per the requirements of the consumers. These badges give a unique look to a car.

What Are Car Badges Made Of?

In this section information about the materials with which car badges are made has been provided.

1. Aluminum

These badges are made with aluminum metal. The metal is molded to the desired shape and the demanded designs are then casted onto it. These types of badges are durable in nature and can face adverse conditions like rain etc. easily without getting damaged or fading away.

2. Rubber

The rubber badges as the name suggests are made up of rubber. The upper layer of the rubber is first heated in order to make the desired design then they are coated with paint to give finishing touches. As compared to Aluminum badges these are slightly less durable in nature.

3. Other Metals

Badges are also made with other metals such as iron, steel, or even precious metals like gold and silver. These badges might or might not be durable depending on the type of metal that is being used, for example, if a badge is made out of pig iron it is bound to break easily but if it is made up of steel or stainless steel they would come out as durable

The Final Words

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