How to Sublimate Stainless Steel Tumbler Sublimation Blanks like a Pro

How to Sublimate Stainless Steel Tumbler Sublimation Blanks like a Pro

Sublimation allows the conversion of solids directly to a gas without passing the liquid stage. In tumblers, it is a process that enables the production of tumblers with a print graphic rather than the standard vinyl. It is ideal for any tumbler size ranging from a 14, 16, or 20 oz sublimation tumbler. Sublimation tumblers are the new trends all over the world. The results of tumblers sublimation are high quality, and the graphic is permanent. Get the best stainless steel tumbler sublimation blanks and sublimate them like a pro in a few straightforward steps.

The Process of Sublimation

Individuals must note that not all tumblers are ideal for sublimation. The only tumblers that one can sublimate are those with a polyester finish. Since sublimation products have specific properties, they may be costly; however, once you get suitable, stainless steel tumbler sublimation blanks, whether for your business or personal purposes, they will be worth it. This article will show you the right and simple way to sublimate your tumbler blanks.

Action 1: Necessary Materials

Before one begins the process, one must gather all necessary materials to ensure that don't waste time looking for materials in the middle of the process. The materials you will require include;

  • Stainless steel tumbler sublimation blanks
  • A heat press
  • Scissors
  • Teflon sheet
  • Ruler
  • Sublimation paper
  • Sublimation ink

Action 2: Image selection and design

Individuals must select the image they want to sublimate to kick off the process. One can decide to use a graphic that already exists, or they can create a new one. Once fully satisfied with the image selection, they can move on to the next step.

Action 3: Image resizing

Tumbler blanks come in different sizes. That implies that one cannot sublimate the same graphic size for all tumblers. One must resize the image they select to fit the tumbler they will be sublimating. To do that, one must know the tumbler's measurement by measuring the height and width. With the size of the tumbler, one can resize the image using a graphic editing application or software on a PC. Just entering the tumbler's measurement in the software will give you the perfect image size for the tumbler.

Action 4: Image cutting

The next step involves printing the design and cutting its edges using a pair of scissors. Avoid cutting the borders entirely. Instead, leave a small space on the edges, such that the graphic is a bit bigger than the tumbler.

Action 5: Design application

The material necessary for this step is the heat press. Allow the heat press to heat at 400 degrees before beginning the process. Once the heat press reaches the right temperature, put the Teflon sheet over it to allow sublimation transfer. The tumbler must be above the sheet with the sublimation area at the heat tape's center. The image design comes above the tumbler before closing the heat press.

Action 6: Design sublimation

After closing the heat press, one must wait for the time in the timer to elapse before opening the heat press. The size of the sublimation tumbler will determine how long the design stays in the heat press. Once the time is over, open the heat press. Take off the tumbler from the heat press and let it cool. And there you have your stainless steel tumbler with a sublimation design.


Before sublimating stainless steel tumbler sublimation blanks, ensure that the ink and paper are ideal for sublimation to get perfect results. It is also vital to provide proper after-sublimation tumbler care. Use the right products like mild soap, non-abrasive scrubbers, and a soft cloth to clean the tumbler so that the design last longer.