Steps To Cleaning Your Car Using A Wall-Mounted Pressure Washer

by Judd

A wall-mounted pressure washer offers an excellent option for cleaning one’s car. It has a 180 degrees swivel bracket that ensures you can clean it from whatever angle you need. Furthermore, the pressure washer consists of a retractable system that helps you save money in terms of electricity bills.

The key consideration is that you should be careful while cleaning your car. Too much pressure can damage its finishing. Therefore, this article will update you on the proper way to clean your car using a pressure washer.

Precautions to take before using a wall-mounted pressure washer to clean your car

1. Clean the car on a flat and hard surface

The surface that you use should be hard. If you park your car in an area with small stones or gravel, the cleaning job may not be as efficient. The water pressure may cause the small rocks to fly up and damage the car’s paint. Also, if you clean it over dirt, the muddy splashes may get your already clean vehicle dirty again

2. Do not let water get into the engine

A pressure washer usually has a high washing pressure rate. The pressure may cause water to get into delicate areas, such as engines. Therefore, never let water get into the engine. Water in the engine can damage it.

3. Use adequate PSI

Too high pressure can damage your car’s paint. Therefore, ensure to use adequate pressure. The best pressure you can use is about 2000 PSI.

Steps to Cleaning your car using a wall-mounted pressure washer

· Connect the device to a power source and water outlet

The first step should focus on ensuring that you have a power source. It also involves connecting the device to a water outlet. Afterward, you can commence the cleaning process.

· Rinse the car

You need to rinse the car before you apply detergent at this step. Use the wall-mounted pressure washer to spray off any debris or mud on the car’s surface. You can start by standing about 4 feet away, then move closer to the vehicle as you proceed.

· Apply detergent using the wall-mounted pressure washer

The type of detergent you use should be designed for pressure washer use. Also, make sure you follow the diluting directives and use a low setting. Then use the black nozzle tip to spray the detergent.

· Let it soak for three minutes

After applying the detergent, you can let it soak for three minutes. But, it would be best if you did not let it stick till it dries up.

· Rinse the detergent

Use the green nozzle to remove the detergent from the car. The best way to rinse the detergent is by using the pressure washer at a 45-degree angle. Then, rinse from top to bottom.

· Use a soft cloth to dry the car

After you have completely rinsed out the detergent, you can proceed to dry it up. You can use a soft cloth to wipe away any remaining water from the car’s surface.


A wall-mounted pressure washer offers one of the most convenient ways to wash your car efficiently. It has black, green, white, and yellow nozzles that ensure you can perform your task well. Furthermore, the cleaning process is relatively straightforward.

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